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What is Emergency Dentistry?

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Emergency dentistry at UR Smile Dental involves immediate and specialized care for urgent dental issues, specifically focusing on root canal therapy and extractions. This service is designed to address severe dental problems such as acute toothaches, fractures, or traumatic injuries that require prompt attention.

The dental professionals at UR Smile Dental are trained to provide quick relief, stabilize conditions, and perform necessary procedures like root canals or extractions to alleviate pain and prevent further complications in emergency situations.


UR Smile Dental stands out as your preferred choice for emergency dentistry due to our dedicated focus on providing immediate and specialized care for urgent dental issues. Our skilled professionals are trained to address a range of emergencies, with a particular emphasis on root canal therapy and extractions. Whether you're experiencing severe toothaches, fractures, or other traumatic dental injuries, we prioritize quick relief and stabilization of your condition.


Our commitment to prompt and effective treatment sets us apart, ensuring that you receive the care you need when you need it most. Trust UR Smile Dental for reliable emergency dentistry services tailored to address your urgent oral health concerns.

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Cracks, decay, and other damage to your teeth can expose the roots and soft tissue to bacteria and lead to an infection. Our caring team removes the infected tissue, cleans out the canals and chamber, and seals the tooth to prevent further infection. It’s essential to treat an infected tooth with root canal therapy as soon as possible to avoid additional dental damage, including developing an abscess and tooth loss.



If you have a tooth that’s incurred decay or damage too substantial to repair, our dental staff may have to extract it. The process of extracting a tooth helps to protect the rest of your mouth from experiencing issues, as well, and it relieves the discomfort of a severely damaged tooth. At our practice, we only perform a tooth extraction when repair is not an option. During the procedure, our team will make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. We will also help you choose a replacement solution that suits your needs.

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